Generating Evidence

Evidence-based decision-making leads to well-informed outcomes. Our team of experts have the skills to understand and analyse the problem the decision-maker wants to solve, identify the set of information required for making the decision, generate the requisite information and use the same for effective decision making. We design some key products for evidence generation:

  • Designing and Operationalising Management Information System: Changescape designs and operationalizes top of the line, high-quality MIS for the organisation and for small and large-scale projects. Organisational and project dashboards, critical for communication of progress and impact to key stakeholders, are an integral part of the MIS design. Our expertise on designing results chains and log frameworks help us to identify/select the keyindicators for the MIS. We also have the expertise inbuilding capacities of partners and staff, a critical requirement for successfully implementing the MIS. Over the years, our associates have been engaged in building robust MIS for numerous development sector and government organisations.
  • Research: Research is critical for designing effective Well-designed programmes help lower the risk of poor results at the implementation stage. While an upfront investment of resources is required for undertaking quality research it results in effective and sustainable programmes and hence gives value for money. Research also helps to capture the changing landscape in the development sector so as to enable organisations to realign their activities according to these changes. Changescape brings together highly skilled researchers who can carry out quantitative and qualitative research at any scale to bring out the insights you need. We have a team of associates who have immense experience across various sectors. We also integrate professionals with expertise in programme design and implementation along with the researchers across different sectors in order to generate robust recommendations.
  • Baseline and Evaluations: Baselines and midline/endline evaluations are fundamental to programme implementation as they help to measure a programme’s effectiveness and help determine what is working and what is not working. Further it helps to identify changes that need to be made to the programme to enhance its effectiveness and achieve the identified objectives. Changescape designs robust baselines and undertakes objective, high-quality evaluations. Our niche is our combined team of researchers and programme implementers that will help generate a strong set of recommendations for enhancing the programme effectiveness.
  • Secondary Information Analysis: A deep dive into secondary data provides immensely useful insights for an array of activities. It is an effective mechanism for analysing trends, for studying good practices, for learning from existing failures, for gaining insights into changing landscape, for inputs for project design etc. Changescape is an expert in undertaking analysis of existing secondary data and clearly ties it with the organisational needs and objectives. Moreover, analysing secondary data comes in handy in all stages of the project. It helps seamlessly bring together the project and the existing repository of information and add it to the resources.
  • Flagship Reports: At Changescape, we bring skills to develop reports for internal and external use which can be used for advocacy as well as successful case studies. Over the years, our consultants have developed numerous reports in the form of coffee table books, advocacy reports, fact sheets, brochures, case studies, among others.