What Do We Do?

We support our clients to maximise their impact by helping them navigate the changing development landscape. Our expertise lies in supporting clients in effectively managing the current key changes, such as changes in composition of funding sources, increased pressure of performance, greater demand on evidence of performance.

Our deep understanding of the functioning of the social sector and its key domain areas along with the capabilities of our team of associates enables us to deliver high-quality professional services, often at start up rates.

Our Key Services

Defining Strategic Direction

We help organisations to define their strategic directions so that they channelise all their resources in achieving well-defined goals arrived at through a robust and comprehensive exercise. The key services provided under this vertical are as follows:

Supporting Programme Implementation

With extensive experience comes expertise, and our experience has made us the pioneers in implementing projects from beginning to end. With focus on quality, our teams provide execution support to ensure that the project is rolled out and implemented to reach the maximum beneficiaries and at the same time the commitment to the donor is met in the most satisfactory manner. With consultants for all aspects of implementation, we can provide support for one or all services as per your requirement. Our support in implementation includes:

Evidence for Decision-Making

Evidence-based decision-making leads to well-informed outcomes. Our team of experts have the skills to understand and analyse the problem the decision-maker wants to solve, identify the set of information required for making the decision, generate the requisite information and use the same for effective decision making. We design some key products for evidence generation: