Strategy Design

Directions and priorities need to be reset on a periodic basis to keep pace with the changing development environment and organisational progress. To keep pace with the changing environment new sub components maybe defined and their strategies outlined. Strategies to tackle the humanitarian crisis due to the pandemic is one such example.

  • Organisation Strategy: We understand that evolution is an important part of any organisation. If an organisation is looking to scale, venturing into newer avenues, reach more people, impact more lives and enhance the impact of what they do, we develop strategies to make this transition seamless for our clients. Our specialisation lies in developing organisational strategies across areas of work, including regional strategy (urban, rural, cities, states etc.), functional strategy (programme management, knowledge management, fundraising), thematic strategy, etc. The following highlight some of the emerging areas of strategy design:
  • Urban Strategy: There is a growing need to develop urban strategies as there is an increasing recognition of the high deprivation faced by the urban marginalized population and of the varying needs, landscape and solution required to meet the challenges in urban areas. We provide extensive support in developing strategies which provide a panoramic and microscopic view of designing programmes and projects for urban areas. Our associates have helped organisations make this shift by providing high-quality, evidence-based, and implementation-focused urban strategies.
  • Knowledge Management Strategy: Knowledge management function, which in most organisations includes monitoring and evaluation, has become a significant function. The ability to capture learnings over a period of time and highlight conditions leading to failures provides the organisation the opportunity to boost its efficiency and save resources by learning from past experience. Further robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will help meet the increasing demand for evidence of performance. Changescape brings together decades of experience in developing knowledge management strategies for national and international organisations.
  • Resource Mobilisation Strategy: Resource mobilisation strategy is a priority for any NGO for its survival and sustainability. Its ability to achieve its mandate and scale new heights is dependent on its ability to raise funds for its activities. Our experts partner with NGOs to draw up short- and long-term strategies for resource mobilisation. Our ability to bring together experts who know the donor environment along with those who are experts in programme design provides immense value to our clients.
  • CSR Strategy: We provide support to corporates in designing their CSR strategies so that the goals of the CSR are completely aligned to the organisation. Our experience and knowledge of the NGO landscape is an asset in drawing up these strategies